U-ARE is an Augmented Reality platform for Urban Space. We are mapping the city, creating a virtual canvas in public space on which infinite layers of digital content can be applied and experienced through anyone’s mobile device.

In U-ARE we place site-specific art pieces throughout the city center, telling unknown and unexpected stories. These artworks are 3-Dimensional, animated and often interactive. Highly adaptable we can apply the same system to cultural events or exhibitions.

U-ARE utilizes a combination of GPS location and image recognition, in order to achieve real site specific AR experiences on a large scale.


The U-ARE app shows you a map of the city, with your location and the precise locations of all the mapped spots, the distance and previews of the surface you have to find to unlock these urban interventions.

Currently we have mapped Barcelona and Lisbon. London, Amsterdam, Berlin and New York are under development.


We use old walls as “markers“. These are the anchorpoint on which to attach content.

When you reached a Spot you activate your AR camera and point to the surface shown in the preview. When the app recognizes the surface it will display the digital content.

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