After 3 months of extensive testing we’re now selecting the most usefull spots, and creating and gathering content. There are a number of walls added to the ‘spots’. Barcelona has been built on and with rubble from previous versions of the city, dating back to early Roman times. This makes that the old city centre is a collage of different building styles and many walls are built from the debris. These make great markers to be recognized by the U ARE app! We’re able to create urban art, street art without ‘damaging the built cultural heritage’;

‘Non Destructive Urban Interventions’

Here are some screens of U ARE in action. I placed my inividual elements randomly, just to experiment with scale and placement, how can improve the experience.
So far it behaves stable, and animation features work great! Now is a matter of positioning / composing and painting the ‘actors’ which have now a temporary checkerboard texture applied to them….

fieldtest01_06 fieldtest01_03 fieldtest01_02 fieldtest01_05