It seems quiet, but there’s some crazy stuff being built right now and about to be released to the world! ‘U ARE’  is one of three PHONK / KEIMOTION pilotprojects. We’re developing an app with which Urban Art can be experienced in ‘Augmented Reality’. We’re now in beta-phase and creating content. The app will be released spring 2017 on IOS and Android.

This year we gained a lot of experience in Unity3D, and are now applying our 3D skills, a lot of copy pasting scripts, and an ‘old forgotten art’ into an interactive AR experience. This will be the first iteration and many projects are in the making. Stay tuned for a VR visualisation for LIAG Architects, a gamefied Safety Awareness Tool for mobile devices, and an insane spinoff of the latter. Needless to say, we’ll be expanding soon!

So… we’re deeply studying and exploring this new and exiting AR and VR landscape. The last few months I had the pleasure of being part of some cutting edge projects; TV commercial for Toyota, an AR installation for VW, a VR videoclip for Undo.

But here we introduce our first AR experience, ‘U ARE BCN’  and will be updating regularly during the final phase of development…
In a nutshell, you are able to discover hidden artworks, animations and visual experiences on the streets of Barcelona, using our Augmented Reality app. The (art-) ‘pieces’ are interactive, animated, and completely intergrated in it’s environment… Doors with already amazing art on them, and old architectural landmarks are used as ‘canvas’ for virtual content. A map is also included in the app, where you can find the ‘tagged’ spots throughout the city centre. Additionally you’re able to find cool, off the beaten track shops, bars, galleries and urban spots via the ‘close-by’ function.
We’re almost ready to release it to the world, and will be seeking betatesters starting january!

Here are the very first compositions built from artworks created by phonk and ‘found objects’. Tomorrow I’ll be doing some ‘field tests’ and post some screens!