Welcome to PHONK. I create visual experiences with a mixed-media philosophy. Motion graphic design, 3D graphics, animation and audiovisual productions and currently specializing in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

Skills: Maya, C4D, Unity3D, Houdini, Arnold, V-Ray, AfterEffects, Nuke, Illustrator, Photoshop.


The most recent developments are within Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. I graduated in 1999 with a VR project (VRML to be more specific, the project was running on Netscape using a plugin called Cosmoplayer…). But after almost 20 long years finally the technology takes off and available to the masses.

The last year I have been bootstrapping an augmented Reality project called U-ARE. I wanted to focus on large scale content in public space, and the prototype is now in beta for IOS. If you want to try it out, please send me an email with your email adress used as appleID and I send you download instructions.


Click here to check out my demoreels. With works for canal+, Sony Entertainment, Sagatiba, BMW, Tag heuer, to name a few. 3 Reels giving an impression of my work from 2000 until now. More or less…


We’re soon launching Luzid Lab. A fluctuating collective of industry heavyweights focussed on the interplay between humans and technology. This is one of the most complicated relationships that our species has constructed, a constantly-swirling context uniting the creative brain with the mechanical. Technology can uncover unexplored spaces that raise humanity to new, unimagined heights of creativity and well-being, but can also simultaneously promote a sense of loss of control, digital overload and social isolation which moves us ever further away from nature and spirit.


My instagram feed showing lots of AR experimentation, but also a peek into the daily life of PHONK.


My sketchbook mostly covers free and experimental work. In between projects I focus on the techniques that are getting rusty. I am interested in VFX, digital cinematography, photography, mixed media approaches and exploring relevant technologies. Check out my reels for more corporate examples.