My name’s Mike and I worked over 15 years as a digital designer in 3D, motion graphics, interaction design and arts-installation for a wide array of studios and clients in a equally wide array of media; corporate branding, events, theatre, installation/fine arts, interactive (online) media, architectural visualization. I believe this broad experience is one of my key strengths. At this moment I’m seeking for positions as senior designer or art director.

I also have experience teaching (flash, c4d, maya, lighting). I’m always keen in learning and excelling at new techniques and researching new trends in design and technology.

My software of preference is Maya, Cinema4D, 3DSMax, AfterEffects, Nuke, Z-brush. Ofcourse Photoshop and Illustrator… the bare essentials. Additionally I have experience working in Reaflow, Unity, Processing to name a few, and have firm understanding of several coding languages. 

Some studios I worked for include (Barcelona:) Onionlab, Fakestudio, Tigrelab, Komodoscreen (,Barcelona), V2_Lab (Rotterdam), Postpanic, Mickeydidit, (Amsterdam) Drive, Arm&eye (London)

I’m based in Barcelona, but also worked on-site in Amsterdam and London, and I’m able and willing to re-locate for the right opportunity.

PHONK started of as a collective during studies at the WDKA in Rotterdam (NL). Our group has fluctuated but always stayed alive since 1998. So for bigger projects please get in touch and let’s talk about how to elevate your brand to new heights!